marcus wrango blog
marcus wrango blog
Emptyset! (på/i Norbergfestivalen)
8-channel showcase in Kraftverk now, I’ll play ca 13.30. (på/i NORBERGFESTIVAL)
Mimer ❤️ (på/i Mimerlaven)
The other day I saw this; I did not blink and backed away, just to be sure. (på/i Silvergruvans Antik Och Kuriosa)
Bästa hyllan på antikvariat, sett förra veckan. (på/i Borrby Bokby)
Stayed at nr 303 last night. (på/i Ville De Strasbourg.)
Had this nice lamp as company the other day when I worked on the ending part of music for the upcoming Magie Nouvelle-show (premiere June 11 in Strasbourg, Swedish premiere in early July in Borrby). (på/i Drop Coffee)
A tired Odd is shouting at the birds during sandwich lunch. (på/i Lilla Bagis)
Brand new peli case arrived today. Water, shock and child proof. Will be great for the upcoming Ritter Sport tour.
Granpa, Odd and Granma last sunday, in the sun. (på/i Bagarmossen)
Evigt mörker. (på/i Fylkingen)
I got a Space, with a lot of room, reverb and beyond..
This one has been there for a couple of weeks, nice. (på/i TUGG STHLM)
Peter Gabriel live. (på/i Stockholm Globe Arenas)
Turkish dinner last night with the Sound of Stockholm gang. (på/i Aya Sofya)