marcus wrango blog
marcus wrango blog
On the other side of the smoke Jeff Mills is djing and playing TR-909. (på/i Yard)
My first book is soon available, this is the test print. It is called “+”.
Saw this last Saturday, the same day the smoke from the big forest fire was covering Avesta, it says; Everyone can barbecue and everything can be barbecued!  (på/i Willys)
Saw this a couple of days ago. (på/i Norberg)
Seen at norbergfestival. (på/i Mimerlaven)
A good reason to close. Seen at norbergfestival. (på/i Mimerlaven)
@codespira1 plays slowly during the 8-channel showcase. (på/i Kraftverk, Norbergfestivalen)
Emptyset! (på/i Norbergfestivalen)
8-channel showcase in Kraftverk now, I’ll play ca 13.30. (på/i NORBERGFESTIVAL)