marcus wrango blog
marcus wrango blog
Odd is digging away in the sunshine, in an almost silent suburb today, it’s only the birds and the occasional airplane sounding. (på/i Bagarmossen)
på/i Bagarmossen
David Granström’s ceiling light as of now. (på/i Audiorama)
Red me. No filter. (på/i Audiorama)
Sleeping taxi driver, seen last weekend in Tallinn. (på/i Nordic Hotel Forum)
Not all “public” bathrooms have shavers available. I did not use them, still got a big beard.  (på/i Citykonferensen / Ingenjörshuset)
A weird Sunday; and we had to build a weird house.
The KGB typewriter, seen last weekend. (på/i Hotell Viru KGB Floor, 23th)
Seen at a music instruments shop last weekend in Tallinn.
Made pins today. (på/i Kulturhuset Skarpnäck)
Grandma’s old coffee grinder, still working perfectly, good for silent grinding when the family is asleep.
Extreme kerning problem at Helsinki airport the other day.
Seen last Saturday. (på/i F-Hoone)
There is nothing here. (på/i KGB secret room at Viru 35 Hotel)
Finally!! Fantastic speciality coffee (Ethiopian) roasted here in Tallinn, really nice café too. (på/i Gourmet Coffee Röstimiskoda)